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Sutcliffe Pressings LTD was a world famous toy maker based in Horsforth near Leeds from 1885 up until its demise in 1984. Started by John William Sutcliffe as a sheet metal works, it wasn't until 1920 that J.W Sutcliffe introduced the idea of producing tinplate toy boats. John's son Kenneth took over the factory in later years and along with his wife Joan turned Sutcliffe into one of the most famous tinplate toy manufacturers in the world. A notable employee was factory foreman Herbert Goodban who's enthusiasm helped Sutcliffe make some of their most successful toys. Although Sutcliffe is best known for its manufacturer of tinplate boats they also made Submarine's, Dumper Trucks, Toy Crane's, Pull along Trucks, Dust Pan and Brush's, Loaf Tins and notably a wide selection of Oil Cans, all of which are documented on this website. Toy's made by Sutcliffe are some of the most sought after by today's collectors. The book 'And Then There Were None: The History of Sutcliffe Boats & Toys' has been extremley useful in the construction of this website and I highly recomend it for anybody interested in Sutcliffe.


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Sutcliffe Boats

Strongly Built                                       * * *                              Sound and Reliable

British Made

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Above: Original sketch of Jupiter Ocean Pilot Cruiser by Herbert Goodban (Factory Foreman of Sutcliffe Boats) along with a Jupiter Ocean Pilot Cruiser (formally in the private collection of Herbert Goodban)!


Below: Sutcliffe Comet on the water!