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Hornby Water Toy Duck

Hornby produced Toy Boats from 1932 until 1939 and then from 1960 until 1969. They were a major competitor to Sutcliffe and like Sutcliffe have become highly collectable. Although I do not really collect Hornby Boats I do have a certain soft spot for a boat they produced from 1934 to 1939. Unlike any Sutcliffe or other manufacturer for that matter The Hornby Water Toy Duck was based on a 9.25inch hull. The "Duck" has become the holy grail for any Hornby Boat collector and makes wonderful addition to any collection.

Hornby_Speed_Boats_(MM_1937-09) IMG_1846 IMG_1853 70_m Hornby_Water_Toy_(Duck)_(1935_BHTMP)

The Hornby Water Toy Duck pictured left made history in 2004 when it sold for £1200 at auction. Today it holds the world auction record price for a Hornby Boat.