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Meteor was produced from 1960. Unlike other Sutcliffe's it was made from plastic and not tinplate. Clockwork powered with a wood deck it was an impressive looking boat.

Zodiac was also produced from 1960. Similar to the Meteor it too was produced from plastic with a wood deck. Zodiac unlike Metoer was powered by an electric motor making it slightly more expensive.



Minx produced from 1960 was similar to Meteor. It was smaller than Metoer and the wood deck was replaced by a plastic one which was to be painted red. It too is a scarce boat.


Commodore produced from 1960 was sold as a self assembly kit and used the same hull, deck and motor as Zodiac. This boat is extremley rare in today's market and is highly sort after by collectors. Pictured below are made and unmade examples!


Typhoon was produced in 1961. The second Yacht to be produced by Sutcliffe it was finished in red/white and featured blue striped sails. Typhoon was the only boat to be produced as a Catamaran.

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