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Sutcliffe Submarines

Sutcliffe Pressings LTD produced submarines  from 1934 up untill the factory's closure in 1984. Using clockwork propulsion throughout their production they became popular toys and made Sutcliffe an international brand.

Unda - Wunda

Unda - Wunda was the first submarine produced by Sutcliffe from 1934. Originally in grey and red. It was updated in 1948 with another colour opition of yellow and then again in 1976 when the colour was changed to all blue.

Sea Wolf

Sea Wolf atomic submarine was first produced in 1963 in white/cream with red detailing. An all yellow model was produced several years later and was an extremely sucessful seller.  


Nautilus first produced in 1955 was Sutcliffe's most famous submarine. Based on the Submarine from the 1954 film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea it is a popular collectors item and prices contunie to be on the rise.

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