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First produced in 1968 the Hawk was a simple boat finished in two colour variations. The common green and white as pictured below and the rarer all cream model.  


Merlin prodcued from 1963 was very similar to the Hawk. Finished in one colour variation red and white as pictured below. Its main difference to the Hawk being that it had an electric motor instead of the usual clockwork motor found in most Sutcliffe's.

Commodore Cruiser first produced in 1977 was a beautiful boat produced in a single colour variation red and white. This was the first Sutcliffe boat I ever saw so has a special place in my collection.

Kestrel Cruiser first produced in 1968 was very similar to Commodore. It too was sold in a single colour variaton of white and blue. It differed from Commodore as like the Merlin it was fitted with an electric motor.



Diana was first produced in 1981 in just a single colour variation as pictured below. Just 375 boats were made and most went to collectors as opposed to toy shops.


Kit '95'

Kit '95' was produced in the 1980's.  The Kit consists of a 12" hull (primed ready for painting), clockwork motor (preinstalled), hatch cover and a key. The idea of the boat was to provide a model that could be finished to the owners liking.  My example is untouched and was sold on the 17th January 1981 at a cost of £4.50 + £1 for an additinal motor. It was sold in a Hawk box with Kit '95' labels to box ends.


Minx was produced from 1930. It was sold in two colour variations being red/white and green/white. It was re-issued in 1980 with just a few small differences most notably a different windscreen. The re-issue never had its own box and was simply sold in a hawk box with a sticker saying minx on either side. The model pictured below is the 1980 re-issue.

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