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Grenville destroyer was produced from 1938. An expensive boat to produce it was not a good seller for Sutcliffe and therefore today is fairly scarce. Produced in two colour variations grey and red but also grey and black as pictured below.


Nelson was produced from the early 1930's. At 16 inches long it was an impressive large battleship and used a clockwork motor as its propultion. The model was finsihed in light grey over dark grey and sat above the Valiant in the range.



Valiant was produced from 1928 however it was re-issued in 1981 showing how the factory still used the same techniques 50 years on to what they did when they started. Pictured below is a 1981 Valiant.

12" Un named hot air Battleship

The second Sutcliffe ever made this battehsip was produced from 1920. It created the base for what would be the Valiant. Instead of clockwork it used hot air propulsion similar to early pop pop boats.

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