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Sprite day cruiser introduced in 1967 was one of Sutcliffe's most sucessful boats. Its simplicity made it one of the most affordable of the range and it therefore sold in great numbers. It was produced in 4 different hull colours which were Green, Blue, Red and White.


Comet was made from 1955. It was made in just two colours yellow and blue. The Comet was re-issued around 1980. It is believed these were made for collectors nearer the end of the factory's life and were simply sold in a plain white box with the model name written to one side.



Racer was produced from as early as 1932. There are 4 different versions the Mark 1,2,3 and 4 and all have small differnces. Apart from several colour variations they differ due to some having removable hatch covers and others having enclosed clockwork motors. The model pictured below is the MK 3.


Jupiter Ocean Pilot Cruiser was prodcued from 1963. It mas made in two colour variations the common red hull and the rare blue hull. It was an extremley popular boat and again sold in great numbers. These are great boats for someone wanting to start a collection as they can be found regurlarly for very afordable prices.




Zip was produced from 1935 however it was also re-issued in 1979. An attractive speedboat it was finished in red in the 1930's but in 'Bluebird' blue when re-issued and today both formats are quite a rarity.

Viking was produced from 1950 and was based on a steamer boat. It was only sold in one colour variation which was with the red hull. The model below is a re-issue and therfore was sold in the plain white box.







Snappy was produced from as early as 1933. It was sold in two colour variations, all grey and grey top with a red hull. The model pictured below is a re-issue so is in a plain white box.

Victor the motor torpedo boat was produced from 1971 and was based on a gun boat. It was sold in two colour variations the common blue hull as pictured below and the rare red hull.

Fury was produced from 1954 in just one colour variation as pictued below. It too was a gun boat. It had misles attached to the deck and came in a white and red box. The model below is pictured with a plain box which could be original if it was sold in the last couple of years of production.



Tiger was prodcued from 1969. A simple speedboat with a powerful clockwork spring made this boat one of the fastest in the water. It was sold in just a single colour variation as pictured below but again was sold with a plain white box towards the end of prodcution.


Jane was produced from 1978 in just one colour variation as pictued below. Specially commissioned for the Windermere Speedboat Museum, Jane was modelled on a boat they had on display. Jane was actually a resprayed Comet which had deck fittings fitted and a transfer applied to each side.

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