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Mini - Loaf Tins

Collectors Badge

Mini - Loaf Tins were first produced in 1971. These are naturally quite a rarity today as most have been thrown away or simply used.


Trojan Dumper

Trojan was a dumper truck produced from 1973. It was only sold in the signle colour variation of all orange. It was based on the Thwaites Nimbus 15 CWT Diesel Dumper.

Junior Crane

The Junior Crane produced from 1965 was too only sold in a single colour variation of all yellow. It featured a metal bucket and a winch that could be operated by hand.

Mummy's Help Dust Pan & Brush Set

Pull along Truck

First produced in 1965 Sutcliffe's Pull along Truck was made to rival Triang's. Its simple construction and vibrant colour options made it a sucessful seller. That said it is rarity today and therefore can demand a high price. My example below is filled with 1960's Comet Speedboats.

Mummy's Help Dust Pan & Brush set was first produced in 1963. This little set was available in three colour variants of blue, red and yellow.

Collectors badge's were produced from 1970. The badge read 'MEMBER OF THE SUTCLIFFE BOAT CLUB'

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